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David Birkin
Full Stack Web Developer
Laravel Enthusiast
  • Residence:
  • City:
    Port Saint Lucie
  • Age:
Team Skills
People Skills
DRY Principles
SOLID Principles
Database Design
  • Bootstrap, Material UI, MaryUI
  • TailwindCSS
  • Sass, Boostrap 4+
  • Webpack, Vite
  • Git / Software Versioning
  • Livewire, AlpineJS

Hello world!


As unconventional as it is for me to be blogging, I wanted to offer you all a welcome into not only my life, but also who I am, what I do, and start to showcase my work and share some work.

Who Am I?

My name is: David Birkin
I currently live in the United States, Florida
I am 33 years young, Happily married with 1 daughter.

Life is great. It’s a never ending journey of learning, not only about who I am, but understanding the world, whats going on around me, different cultures, and further practicing my skills to ensure I am always at the top of my game.

What Do I Do?

My life has always revolved around understanding how computers work. Once I began to understand that, I decided I wanted to dive deeper. I wanted to learn how computers communicate with each other over this thing called “The Internet”. I remember my first browser, Netscape Navigator. I am sure many who read this may remember those days compared to now… Life is so much better now, though, much more sophisticated.

Because of the above, it took me into the world of Website Development at the ripe young age of 10. Making my first web page, on windows 95, thinking it was the best things ever, yet all it did was say “Hello World!”.

This brought me to the current day where now, I develop professional websites, software applications, wordpress plugins, Integrate Payment Gateways, Design and Implement Databases. I spend a lot of my free time reading about Software Engineering Principle, Development Principles and generally trying to to deep dives into frameworks to truly understand how they work from the inside out.

So far, a lot of my work has been local projects and I have managed to get work through word of mouth, thank you to everyone who has recommended me. A lot of those projects are Internal CRMs, Intranet Applications, and as such, I generally do not have a way to showcase those. I am, however, trying to change that. I want to make demo projects of some of the applications I have previously built to be able to showcase what I can do.

Final Comments

For those of you who have reached this far, thank you. I enjoy what I do, and I the passion for always learning new things, trying to solve problems to special scenarios or use cases is what drives me forward.

Thank you.

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